“Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is one of my favorite games of the year.” -
5/5 -TouchArcade

Adventure, Exclamation Point!

On the distant island of Gogapoe, a land inhabited by monsters and cake, a young boy named Niko is preparing to celebrate his birthday. Tragedy strikes when the nefarious Boogin King and his shadowy monsters, known as Boogins, steal Niko’s birthday cake in an effort to fulfill their insatiable cakelust.

Distraught, Niko goes on a quest to avenge his fallen treat — and all treats that have met a similar fate. But, Niko quickly realizes that not all monsters are sugar-hungry jerks, some of them even want to help our hero! Cool!

• An expansive world of mind-boggling levels to explore and conquer
• Discover and befriend oodles of monsters
• Unlock and find many secrets and unique items
• Branching and hidden paths just waiting to be explored
• Unlock Sick-Wicked Costumes

Original Soundtrack by - Disasterpeace

Sound Effects Design - Jordan Fehr